In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

- Albert Einstein

About Our Company

Barbara Lipscomb Coaching is for adults and children with ADD/ADHD and creative/divergent learners, who face a unique set of challenges. Coaching is a highly effective means of helping non-traditional thinkers fully realize their potential and excel in all aspects of life.

ADHD Coaching

Located in the Santa Monica/ West Los Angeles area, I provide coaching services both locally and long distance, meeting with clients through face-to-face sessions, telephone calls, and video programs. I offer services to people in all seasons of life, from young children to retirement age. I help people face, understand and manage life's challenges and situations.

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ADHD Symptoms

The following checklist may help you determine whether my services will benefit you.

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our story

Barbara Lipscomb is first and foremost an educator who has been providing help for ADHD and coaching people with different learning styles since 1980, when she began her career in special education. Barbara combines her professional background as a Special Education Teacher, Vice Principal, Corporate Trainer and Executive Assistant to Professional Academic and Creative Writers with extensive study and teaching of creative/journal writing to serve her students and clients in ways that meet their particular learning and personality styles and individual needs.


As an educator, Barbara’s many gifts include her special talent for teaching to multiple intelligences...Barbara’s success with motivating and inspiring people to empower themselves to do their best, I feel, comes from her belief that each student has something unique to offer... Barbara has a palpable sense of joy in sharing her students’ successes, and yet always lays the accomplishments squarely in the laps of her students, to whom she gives full credit for accomplishing things they might not have known they were capable of.As someone whose depth of experience ranges from public (middle and high) school teacher to high-level administrator in the field of special education, Barbara’s diverse expertise enabled our son to achieve a stellar academic first report card, and, equally important, to successfully integrate socially...

Loren Segan, Parent of client
Thank you beyond words for all that you have helped S. with this year. I can not stop singing your praises! You truly are a 'child whisperer.' The stress that has been lifted from our family regarding the 'homework question' is awe inspiring. You are a calming force in a turbulent sea and we really appreciate all that you do for our family. With love and gratitude, C.

(Mom of 15 year old High School Freshman)
Barbara is a delight to work with! She is kind, generous and very understanding. She can make light of a bad situation and is also quite hilarious and leaves me laughing every time I have a session with her. I would definitely recommend her to anybody.

Parker Gibson, 25 year-old client
Barbara Lipscomb is powerfully insightful. She is also playful, funny, and has a soft touch. Working with her doesn't feel like 'work'. It feels like a conversation between compatible equals gaining perspective and understanding, together. Barbara listens wisely, and helps her clients understand themselves so they can proceed with their lives prepared, not just for what's 'out there', but for what's inside.

J.W., Adult client
I worked with Barbara for seven months while I was in a transition after being laid off from my job as a social worker. She helped me get a regular routine established and educated me about ADD and it's effects on my challenges to get and stay organized. Having three children, I have difficulty keeping our house in order, and with Barbara's support and guidance, I was able to accomplish a large project I had been putting off. Barbara is a kind, supportive, voice of reason. She not only offers practical suggestions, she offers a philosophical approach to look at the big picture of how to find a full life. I have been using the tools I learned from her and plan on having 'tune ups' when I need direction in the future.

Debbie Pine, Adult Client
With keen insight and characteristic sensitivity, Barbara assessed our twelve-year-old’s abilities and encouraged him to utilize his strengths while helping him to learn new foundational tools to fulfill the demands (in all subjects) of his Seventh Grade curriculum. This has been especially effective with his writing, as Barbara’s techniques have allowed our son to fully express himself in written form (creative as well as expository) in a way that up until the time he began working with her had eluded him (including with two previous Language Arts tutors).  In a comparatively short time, our son wasn’t afraid or intimidated by writing assignments any longer, and was even able to tackle timed writing tests in class, with outstanding results.

Parent of 12-year old client
Thank you so much for your help with everything this year, it hasn't been an easy one but it had a great ending.

(14 year old High School Freshman)
As the father of a client, I can't accurately measure how much Barbara has helped my family. I can only say that she has made a profound positive difference, and that I'm grateful beyond words.

Roderick Spencer, parent of client
Barbara has had a huge impact on our family.   She has helped our daughter get clear on her goals and helped her break down these goals into manageable steps.  Prior to this she was feeling confused, frozen and overwhelmed.   My husband and I had started to feel very ineffective.  It's been helpful to have someone outside our family dynamic help clarify what we all want and to establish a more straight forward way for the three of us to communicate.   We have seen our daughter flower and be more self confident in the few months she has been working with Barbara.   I would highly recommend her work.

Nancy Park, parent of 25-year-old client

a few key features

ADHD Coaching Experience

Barbara Lipscomb is first and foremost an educator who has been providing help for ADHD and coaching people with different learning styles since 1980, when she began her career in special education. Barbara works from a deeply felt and researched model, one that guides her to understand that all learning takes place within the context of important relationships.

ADHD Coaching is Unique

When my clients understand that I am not judging them, they are able to relax and feel safe enough to expose what many in their world have labeled as negative behaviors. I help them understand that what they have been doing has been their own creative way of trying to meet their essential needs.

Professional Bio

Barbara Lipscomb’s childhood was greatly impacted by a child with special needs when her older brother became profoundly deaf at the age of 17 months. Barbara, only 15 months younger than her brother, developed an acute sensitivity to his needs and, in her love for him, began to develop herself as a responsive and attuned caregiver.

Interested in working together

"What ties all of my work together is my belief that there are many valid, interesting and useful ways of being in the world. I am convinced that we all have something of unique value to offer. I have been afforded many and varied opportunities in numerous fields. My work is informed by having worked with and learned from many who are experts in their fields."
Barbara Lipscomb Coaching