ADHD Coaching

Barbara is a member of ADDA, CHADD, IAAC, and ICF.

Barbara Lipscomb is first and foremost an educator who has been providing help for ADHD and coaching people with different learning styles since 1980, when she began her career in special education. Barbara works from a deeply felt and researched model, one that guides her to understand that all learning takes place within the context of important relationships. She is adept at creating relationships with people in which their unique learning needs can be assessed and they can work cooperatively with her toward maximizing their strengths and achieving success.

Barbara combines her professional background as a Special Education Teacher, Vice Principal, Corporate Trainer and Executive Assistant to Professional Academic and Creative Writers with extensive study and teaching of creative/journal writing to serve her students and clients in ways that meet their particular learning and personality styles and individual needs.

In addition to her regular coaching clients, Barbara has given back to the community of at-risk kids in the Santa Monica area as former Director of Smart Partners tutoring program for The Virginia Avenue Project, a free, after-school program that uses the performing arts in conjunction with one-on-one mentoring to help underserved children realize their full potential. Barbara has played a critical role in meeting the emotional, learning, social, and socio-economic needs of these children.

Barbara Lipscomb Coaching is for adults and children with ADD/ADHD and creative/divergent learners, who face a unique set of challenges. Coaching is a highly effective means of helping non-traditional thinkers fully realize their potential and excel in all aspects of life.

Barbara Lipscomb Coaching