ADHD Coaching
is Unique

When my clients understand that I am not judging them, they are able to relax and feel safe enough to expose what many in their world have labeled as negative behaviors. I help them understand that what they have been doing has been their own creative way of trying to meet their essential needs.

In the process of developing understanding about their reactions to what they have experienced, ADHD Coaching opens up many new possibilities for responding to the challenges they face. Eventually, we discover together their goals and dreams and help them reach them, one step at a time.

Without the burden of negative self-assessment, we will work together to:

  • - Identify the ADHD symptoms and evaluate sources of frustration.
  • - Explore research and resources that can help us understand your specific situation
  • - Collaborate toward the development of creative and personalized approaches to meeting your goals
Barbara Lipscomb Coaching